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Art And Divinity


Friends, every time I sit down to type my feelings, there is something that inspires me to do so. Just now heard  Sri Ram the sony tv Indian idol star, singing ‘Khwaja mere Khwaja’. Following that I also saw a you tube video of A.R.Rehman singing the same song and again Sri Ram assisting him and also singing one more quawali. Listening to this I was taken to the same platform or trans to which I go everyday while reading ‘Lalitha Sahasranama stotram’. That made me think and arose some questions in my mind—what is art? What is divinity? How are they related? What is religion? Why are we so intolerant as human beings towards other’s religion? What is it that made Sri Ram sing the song so beautifully, his talent alone?

As I sat hunting ...

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The review of our show at IIC Delhi

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