Varsha’s passion for dance and movement started in early childhood. She was introduced to Yoga along with her training in various dance and bodywork techniques.

Over the years of practice, combined with her background in dance, she has tailored a dynamic range of yoga styles which have helped shape her teaching.

Her classes draw on many styles of movement to maximize the benefits of the practice focusing on movement following breath, mindful body alignment and finding balance in mind and body through cultivation of strength and flexibility.




janaiJanani Krishnan, a spirited individual passionate about music, has been learning music from the age of 7 and is receiving advance training for the past 10yrs from P.B.Shrirangachari (A disciple of Sangita Kalanidhi Madurai Shri.T.N.Seshagopalan) .

She holds a master degree in music(University of Madras) and has also proved her professional credentials in various other areas apart from music such as Clinical Nutrition, Human Resources, Computer software, Training and Development.

When she was working as a lecturer handling aptitude for all the final year students of S.S.S.Jain College, T.nagar, her fascination towards music turned her to take music as her full time profession.

Surprisingly, she was offered a position in Kalakshetra to serve as a resource member in the department of music-research and documentation. Simultaneously, she started taking carnatic music classes(music & musicology) under the guidance of her guru.