Padmavani and Jaikishore Mosalikanti were the souls behind setting up a trust ‘Shivamohanam’ with a vision far beyond just imparting dance training. Jaikishore had the fortune of getting trained under the legendary guru late sri. Vempati Chinna Satyam for around 2 decades. Padmavani had her initial training under Sri. MSR Murty, yet another disciple of Sri.Vempati, in Mumbai and joined Sri.Jaikishore after their wedding in 2002.

They are both performers, teachers, choreographers and nattuvanars of their individual might.  They have toured all over India and countries like Russia and USA giving duet performances which were critically acclaimed. While Jaikishore involves in spreading the true fragrance of Kuchipudi across the globe for long intervals, Padmavani is committed to work home, instilling the tough and strong training to the students in Chennai and India. Though they have together been training students since 2002, the formal and legal putting up of the ‘Shivamohanam’ trust happened in march 2014.

The Dance School “Shivamohanam” was started as a Trust with a purpose to teach the wisdom of life through dance. Dance is not a mere physical activity but a discipline which touches every angle of life.


 The vision to bring out a complete artiste of the individual, who would pledge his talents to the society, is applied in training each student. ‘Shivamohanam’ is an institution which insists on teaching the Indian culture, values, ethos, morality and discipline. These are the basic building blocks for learning an Indian art. Ever since its inception,the school has been growing slow but steady with some of its students graduating. Every year there have been visiting students from every part of the world, interested in learning kuchipudi.

Shivamohanam has a tailor made method of teaching for every student, making the learning process fun and enjoyable, therefore ensuring a better understanding of each nuance of the Kuchipudi form of dance. ‘Geetam, vadyam, nrityam, trayam sangeetham’—inspired by this saying, in Shivamohanam, we insist the students to learn music too as that is the very base for dance. The choreographical aspects and the rhythm are also emphasized while teaching. The literature supporting dance is also taught to make ‘learning for a complete knowledge’. The students are also inspired to be spiritually inclined and  noble beings. Each individual is groomed with care to make a good performer and a commendable teacher who would carry the discipline to their students, what they learnt as disciples.

Jaikishore Mosalikanti, Director of Shivamohanam, has presented his own group of dancers for the first time in 2008, in the prestigious ‘Ananya’ festival at Delhi. Since then there was no look back. This ensemble was invited to present in many prestigious occasions and venues in India. The Music Academy, Chennai and The Kalakshetra, Chennai are the ones to be mentioned the first in the list of many.

To name a few are

 Ananya festival by Seher New Delhi |  New Choreography festival by Impresario India New delhi |

All India Dance festival by Bharat Bhavan Bhopal | Dhauli Festival by Orissa Dance Academy Bhubaneswar |

Natyanjali festival at Chidambaram | Kuchipudi Festivalby Potti sreeramulu Telugu University

Rukmini devi Birthday celebrations by Kalakshetra Chennai | Madras Music Academy dance festival 2011  and 2013 |

Konark Dance festival 2011 by Orissa tourism  Konark, and N C P A Mumbai 2011

The two teachers currently teaching at Shivamohanam are

Jaikishore Mosalikanti—  Director Shivamohanam | Padmavani Mosalikanti—Asst. Director Shivamohanam.

Contact us

2nd floor, #34, 10th Avenue,Ashok nagar,
Chennai – 600083

Sri Jaikishore mosalikanti – Director
Mobile no. 9444029310 / 9884133310
Ph: 044 –24746669

Smt Padmavani mosalikanti – Asst. director
Mobile no. 9840311638