Sri Sammohana

Sammohana is a young and budding artist of multiple talents. 

She at a very young age has had the opportunity of performing in various venues along with the Shivamohanam dance group and she also learns Music from Smt. Vijayalakshmi Sivakumar and Violin from sri Raghul Ravichandran.


Coming from a family of artists, with her parents being dancers, she also shows keen interest towards the arts, Photography and Design works as a hobby.

Apart from being trained under her parents, she is learning Karanas from Smt Padma Subrahmanyam and Smt Gayatri Kannan with a motive to go beyond her box and learn more about dance.
She considers teaching younger students to be a great opportunity for her deepen the understanding of the artform. It also enables her to discover new sides of herself in the process. 


Beginner Kuchipudi Classes

To register for regular classes you can get in touch with me on WhatsApp +91 +91 94449 44738

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