Sweta Prasad

Pursuing her interest and passion for music, Smt. Sweta has carved a niche for herself as an accompanying vocalist in the classical dance arena for the past 24 years. She has keen sense of aesthetics and specialized knowledge in singing, that beautifully complements and uplifts Kuchipudi Dance.


Apart from travelling extensively all over India, Sweta also toured the United States of America , countries of China, Japan, Malaysia, Bangkok, Turkey, Sweden & Syria sponsored by I.C.C.R (Indian Council for Cultural Relations). Owing to her years of experience from composing music for many dance thematic presentations for veteran Gurus in the Kuchipudi Dance lineage, she has been recognized and well praised for her sensitivity towards singing for classical dance.

She brings her years of experience into her teachings too. She imparts not just the knowledge of music but also the disciplines of working along side with Gurus to bring to life their vision and choreographies on stage.

Sweta intends to extend her musical quest beyond horizons and make it a learning experience of the soul. We are pleased to introduce Smt. Sweta as a fond member of our Shivamohanam Family, teaching our senior students the art of music to deepen their understanding of dance.

Beginner Classical Music Classes

To register for regular classes you can get in touch with me on WhatsApp +91 9849590066

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