Smt. Padmavani, wife and disciple of Sri. Jaikishore Mosalikanti, was initiated into dance at a very young age and has eventually grown to be a kuchipudi exponent.


Ever since her marriage in 2002 and her shift to Chennai, she has been a helping hand to her husband Sri. Jaikishore Mosalikanti, she has been learning the advanced and finer nuances and trying to master the style to make it adaptable to the present dance field.


Padmavani has travelled all over India presenting her talent on prestigious dias. Mentionable are the cities like—Goa, Nagothane, Nasik, Kolhapur, Nagpur, Kolkata, Chittaranjan and many more.


Smt. Vani and Sri. Kishore, have together been performing and also training the aspirants towards perfection in the Kuchipudi style of dance. As a teacher she instills discipline in her students and gives her best without compromising on quality and style. 


She is a guru who can speak in the language of the young and impart the knowledge of Kuchipudi dance, philosophy, spirituality and art with great compassion and connection. She is one who is admired by the budding artists of this generation and guides them into making lifestyle choices that benefit their long term development as a dancer and an artist.