Shivamohanam - The Dance School


Padmavani and Jaikishore Mosalikanti were the souls behind setting up a trust ‘Shivamohanam’ with
a vision far beyond just imparting dance training. 


The Dance School “Shivamohanam” was started as a Trust with a purpose to teach the wisdom of
life through dance.

Guru Late Sri. Vempati Chinna Satyam

Jaikishore had the fortune of getting trained under
the legendary guru late sri. Vempati Chinna Satyam for around 2 decades.

Our Performances

Mosalikanti’s uniqueness is their ability to be inventive within tradition. They are truly an asset with their brisk nritta, sharp footwork, excellent timing and flawless co-ordination.
The hindu

Ashritha Keshav


Senior student of Shri. Kishore and Smt. Padmavani
Mosalikanti, Ashrita is a teacher and performer of international recognition. She runs the Annanagar branch of her Gurus’ dance
school, Shivamohanam in Chennai.

Varsha Venkatesh

Yoga + Animal Flow coach

Varsha is a dynamic artist, yogi and a movement coach who founded YogaVriksha school for yoga under the able mentoring of Shri. Kishore and Smt. Padmavani Mosalikanti.

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