The Wisdom of Life, through Dance

Tailor made method of teaching for every student, making the learning process fun and enjoyable, therefore ensuring a deeper understanding of the nuances of the Kuchipudi form of dance.

Our Story

Padmavani and Jaikishore Mosalikanti were the souls behind setting up the trust ‘Shivamohanam’ with a vision far beyond just imparting dance training. Jaikishore had the fortune of getting trained under the legendary guru late Sri. Vempati Chinna Satyam for about 2 decades. Padmavani had her initial training under Sri. MSR Murty, yet another disciple of Sri.Vempati, in Mumbai and joined Sri.Jaikishore after their wedding in 2002.


They are both performers, teachers, choreographers and nattuvanars of their individual might. They have toured all over India and countries like Russia and USA giving duet performances which were critically acclaimed. While Jaikishore involves in spreading the true fragrance of Kuchipudi across the globe for long intervals, Padmavani is committed to work home, instilling the tough and strong training to the students in Chennai and India. Though they have together been training students since 2002, the formal and legal putting up of the ‘Shivamohanam’ trust happened in march 2014.

“Learning and understanding the various nuances of the Kuchipudi dance form”


“geetam, vadyam, nrityam, trayam, sangeetham”

Guru Vempati Chinna Satyam

The defining moment in the life of Vempati master came when he decided to leave the cloistered world of his village and literally trekked the long distance to the metropolis of south India, Madras (Chennai). What was described as a journey in search of bare necessities of life turned out to be a Mahaprasthana, in the evolution of Kuchipudi art. 


To begin with he had a brush with choreographing for the commercial cinematic entertainment, which provided him the necessary physical sustenance. However, his inner yearning for the aesthetic aspects of the Kuchipudi form did not perish. On the other hand, the tinsel world glitter and glamour and the trappings of wealth somehow did not satiate the artistic thirst that was latent in the blood of this young lad of Kuchipudi village. 





Vani is a Guru of versatile knowledge in music, dance and literature. She insists that a dancer should study grammer (Natya 

Shastram),  literature(language and poetry), the science (technique) and math (rhythm) for all round knowledge of the dance form.  Being a mom of teenage daughters, she is skilled in parting the knowledge of ancient tradition even to the current generation kids.

Sri Mosalikanti Jaikishore

Sri. Jaikishore Mosalikanti, is the most sought after nattuvanar, choreographer, performer and Kuchipudi Guru world wide. His technical perfection, deep knowledge, incomparable music and rhythm sense, and complete transformation into the character he depicts as a dancer has truly set him as the most respected Gurus of this art form.

Ashrita Keshav

One of the senior most student of Guru Sri. Kishore Mosalikanti, Ashrita is a dancer of great caliber, grace and beauty. As an integral part of all the major productions of her Guru, she has had the opportunity to hone her skills in all aspects of stage-craft. A solo career in the last decade, in addition to donning the hat of a teacher, has helped her blossom forth professionally and personally.


Sri Sammohana Mosalikanti

The disciple and the elder daughter of Smt. Padmavani and Shri Jai Kishore Mosalikanti, Sammohana started learning dance under her parents at a very young age. She aspires to walk the path of her parents/gurus to pursue dance as her profession. She dreams of supporting her parents and establishing herself in the dance field.


Sweta Prasad

Sweta Prasad, a carnatic musician par excellence has an artistic lineage. Grand
daughter of Late Sri C. Nagabhushanam (of ‘Raktha Kanneeru’ fame), she started
her musical journey at the age of four. She had her intial training from the
renowned violinist , Late Sri. Nethi Sree Rama Sarma for more than 14 years and
now continuing her advanced training from Dr.Smt.Pantula Rama.

Varsha Venkatesh

Founder of YogaVriksha™ school of yoga in Chennai, Varsha started coaching fitness for dancers under the prestigious Shivamohanam banner. She is a prominent Yoga and Animal Flow trainer who continues to inspire hundreds through her teachings.